Assistant Golf Professional

Jimmy Pearson is one of hardest working people I know whether it be on this own person growth as student of the game or a teacher of the game. Jimmy inspirers me every day to work through all the struggles the game has, and reminds me that in time the results will come through hard work and dedication. For instance when me and Jimmy first started working together my average round would be high 80’s low 90’s and now it is consistently in the low 70’s and dropping. Jimmy is not only a phenomenal coach that cares for each and every one of his student but he is also a great friend and mentor that is dedicated to strengthen your love of the game and skill as a player. I could go on for many pages talking about how great of a person and even more a coach Jimmy is but I would find it better to challenge anyone who is unsure about getting a lesson to accept the challenge and you might be hooked for life and I promise you won’t regret it!! And be ready to work your butt off!


Tristans Mom

My son Tristan has been getting lessons from you for awhile now, and I am so incredibly proud of how much he's learned. Thank you so much!!

General Manager/Director/Business Consultant


"Jimmy is a versatile instructor who can successfully instruct golfers at every level. He loves to teach and has the ability to help people understand the dynamics of golf and how to excel in their game." 

"Jimmy has excellent communication skills and tailors his methods to fit each student. His patience and encouragement are great motivators. Jimmy has an unrelenting dedication to eliciting peak performance from his students using a variety of methods. He is always willing to help in every way possible. His passion for the game is contagious and his enthusiasm for your success makes you feel as though you are involved in a team sport." 

"Any golfer would benefit greatly from time spent with Jimmy."



Vice President of Business Development at The Sales Board


"You would be hard-pressed to find an individual like Jimmy Pearson who is more passionate about the game of golf and the overall success of his students. A relentless student of the game, Jimmy’s style of teaching and learning is one of patience, commitment, and results that make it fun and wanting more. I highly recommend Jimmy to anyone who wants to learn more about the intricacies of the golf swing and expects success from their hard work."


Ram Prabhakar

Nuclear Quality Programs Consultant


In February of this year (2013), I happened to run into Jimmy, while I was practicing golf at the Villa de Paz Golf course. Jimmy happened to be providing golf instruction to a student at that time. I was so impressed with the amount of personal attention to detail and enthusiasm with which Jimmy was providing the instruction, I asked if I would be able to get lessons from Jimmy to which he readily agreed. 

Since February, I have been taking lessons on a weekly basis from Jimmy and I find him to be a superior instructor. Jimmy drills down the fundamentals, makes you understand why you have to do things in a certain way to get the desired result with striking the golf ball. Jimmy works with you to make sure you achieve the desired result. 

I highly recommend Jimmy to anyone who either wants to start learning the game afresh, or to seasoned players who want to improve their game,



Student GCU


"There is no other coach like Jimmy Pearson. Jimmy really takes the time to get to know each of his students and takes a lot of pride in them. I came to Jimmy right when I was starting college golf and Jimmy made me feel like I could accomplish anything. Jimmy is very knowledgeable when it comes to swing dynamics and the overall aspect of the game. For someone like me, I was not aware exactly how to improve my game to get to the level that I wanted to be at and to help, Jimmy gave me an entire spiral workbook of practice sessions, stat cards and yardage cards that he wanted me to work on and fill out when I went and practiced. Jimmy even has an equation on how to shoot in the low sixty’s. Every time I see Jimmy for a lesson, I leave incredibly mind blown on all the information I get from him in just one hour.  Jimmy is more than just a swing coach to me he his one of my best friends. I am sure that anyone who works with Jimmy would have to agree with me."



"Jimmy is a passionate, hard-working, and dedicated individual who strives for excellence both on and off the golf course. He is always looking for ways to improve himself so that he can offer the very best instruction to his students. Jimmy cares deeply about each individual student, and he is fully dedicated to improving each and every one. The enthusiasm and confidence that Jimmy brings to every lesson allows for a fantastic learning environment for any student at any level. Jimmy's approach doesn't just make you a better golfer, but he also equips you to become a student of the game. Jimmy always brings 100% effort into lessons and expects the same from his students. Any student who is willing to work hard will be blown away by the results. I would highly recommend Jimmy Pearson as a golfing instructor to any individual who is willing to work and discover how good of a golfer they can become."


High School Golfer

Jimmy Pearson is a great golf instructor and when I first saw him I was an alright golfer but now he's taking me to better places. Each lesson I have a get better with him each time. I would definitely recommend him.



"My son has been recieving golf lessons for almost a year now. His game has improved dramatically, confidence on the course also. Golf has also been a great tool to teach patience. I would recommend Jimmy Pearson to anyone"


Understandable golf lessons

Jimmy will work with the swing you have and make it better. He does not try to force your body into a swing that does not work for you. His presentation of the lesson is understandable and “doable “. Highly recommend him for beginners, intermediates, and advanced golfers.

Customer since August 2018



Took my son a couple times for Jr. lessons. He has learned so much! Jimmy is an awesome teacher and definitely knows what he’s doing.

Customer since July 2018


Thank you Jimmy!

The best lesson I've ever had! Jimmy makes it fun, and his passion and enthusiasm for the game truly are infectious. I've been playing the game for many years and never ran across his fantastic short game techniques from any other player or teacher. Range sessions are more fun now when working on the awesome tips Jimmy laid out for me. My hdcp has already dipped after just one lesson. Will be going back for more. I highly recommend Jimmy Pearson to anyone looking to improve their golf game.

Customer since May 2018



My daughter has just started working with Jimmy and he has been amazing! She has worked with other golf coaches in the past and I feel she is now working with the best.

Customer since June 2018



Just had a lesson Saturday after a period of injuries. Jimmy is the best !! I missed him & his straight forward teaching methods. I will be back very soon.....

Customer since October 2016


Wedge lesson

Had another great lesson with the wedges & different swing drills. Jimmy is great for visualization/correct position throughout the swing. I highly recommend him!!!

Customer since October 2016


Hands Down the Best

Jimmy is hands down one of the best instructors in the US. He can take anyone and improve their game immensely.

Customer since March 2015


1st lesson

Had my 1st lesson 10/22...It was mind changing for me. Jimmy gives a positive spin on all shot attempts. Nothing is bad. I was working on the short game. He explained things I've never been told before in any of my past lessons. I highly recommend Jimmy & I will be going back

Customer since October 2016


Jimmy is Awesome!

Jimmy Pearson can teach anybody to play golf. His student-centered approach to instruction is admirable and effective. He loves to teach, and his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. We golfers in the West Valley are very lucky that he is close by, and just a call or click away. Whether you are new to the sport or an old duffer like me, you won't find a better person to help you improve your golfing skills. Thanks Jimmy! You rock!

Customer since June 2016


Saved my golf marriage

After 4 years of trying to help me learn golf, my husband banned me from golfing with him until I learned how to hit a golf ball. He set me up with Jimmy. I thought I was unteachable. Within 5 minutes Jimmy had me hitting it in the air. Most definitely will be taking more lessons and will recommend to everyone.

Customer since March 2016




Customer since May 2013


Simply The Best

Jimmy is simply one of the best instructors that I have ever seen. He is able to work with people of all ages and skill levels and elevate their game.

Customer since May 2013


Great golf instructor

Jimmy Pearson is a great golf instructor and when I first saw him I was an alright golfer but now he's taking me to better places. Each lesson I have a get better with him each time. I would definitely recommend him.

Customer since December 2014



Mr. Jim "Pure" Pearson, Jimmy is a great coach and always upbeat and spends a lot of time on and off the course helping us not only become better players and better people. Jim has been great!! The Morris Family

Customer since May 2013


Great coach

Jimmy Pearson is the greatest swing coach you can ask for. He is very knowledgeable of the swing and can explain it in a way that it is easy to understand. I've been seeing jimmy for almost 6 years and every time I see him the swing just feels better and better.

Customer since April 2014


golf is hard

i have been shown new things that are working to let me hit the ball straighter and longer. what more can you ask

Customer since November 2014


I'll be back!

This is the best lesson I have had. Jimmy is a very thorough and detail oriented coach. I am hitting the ball better now than I ever have before thanks to Jimmy.

Customer since September 2014


The best

If you listen to what jimmy has to say you will loose more strokes than you ever thought you would. I went from shooting on avg. 15 over to know shooting 3 Over. The lessons will change your game for the better.

Customer since December 2013


Practice, Passion, Prevail

After sitting out for an eight month period due to injury, Jimmy and I got to work. Less than one year later I walked onto a Division 1 college golf team. If you have passion for this game, are open to Jimmy's instruction, and willing to do the work, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Customer since August 2013


Javier Chavez

This is great I wouldn't be where I am today with out it. 

Customer since December 2013


Great instructor

In one year he has moved me from a 2 handicap to a plus 2 handicap. He has really been instrumental in improving my game and my swing. I definitely recommend him for all levels of golfer.

Customer since January 2014


Swing rebuild

Jimmy's drills and expert instruction has made this the easiest swing rebuild I've had. In 2 months I have gone from an uncontrollable hook to a baby fade. I actually hit the ball where I am looking now. Thanks for all the help Jimmy

Customer since March 2014


best thing ever

Taking a golf lesson from Jimmy was the smartest thing I have done in a while. I shot the my best score in the last year ,after my first lesson. I will continue to practice what I was taught and I am looking forward to my next lesson.

Customer since February 2014



I can tell you that Jim's drills work if you'll do them, and that's what's helping me to be winner!

Customer since May 2013


First lesson

Jimmy has shown me a swing to help keep my back from acting up. With work I may be able to play again.

Customer since October 2013


1st lesson

Jimmy has me hitting the ball a club and a half longer. Feel like I am 25 again. Par 5's are now just par 4's. Excellent job Jimmy!

Customer since May 2013



jimmy provides instructions in an easy to understand manner which makes a platform to higher level golf

Customer since May 2013


great site and service

My son has been receiving golf lessons for almost a year now. His game has improved dramatically, confidence in the course also. Golf has also been a great tool to teach patience. Would recommend Jimmy Pearson to anyone.

Customer since May 2013

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