Jimmy Pearson has been teaching golf for over 25 years. As a teacher and competitive player, Jimmy offers his students years of experience in both the technical and mental areas of the game. Each and every student starts with a discussion of their prior progress in the game as well as their future goals. Then a plan is set in place to acheive or surpass those goals.


" I love golf and I want all my students to experience that same love of the game that I have." - Jimmy Pearson    


My Approach to Quality Golf Instruction

My approach to teaching golf is based on six important elements;

The first being teamwork. Success with each student depends on many different conditions. Each student has individual needs to consider, with time being the most important. My goal is to understand the student’s needs and desires then to put together a solution that fits those needs and achieves those desires.

The second element is the assessment. Every student has a current level of skills and understanding. My goal is to assess each student to find strengths and weaknesses as well as current disciplines and mind sets.

The third element is the plan. All success is based on a well thought out plan. The written plan is to guide the student and teacher to success and to keep the team on track. 

The fourth element is evaluation. All plans must be tracked and evaluated. Evaluations are done in all areas of the game as the individual student’s needs are met. Then the team may set new goals and adjust the plan to fit those needs.

The fifth element is enjoying the game. It is so important to understand that the game is, in most cases, a recreational past time. A place that family and friends can get away, enjoy the great outdoors and play a game we all love.

And finally the sixth element is follow-up. My goal as an instructor is to give each student all the tools they need to become successful at whatever level they choose. For some student’s it may be to get the ball in the air so they feel confident about playing at their current level, while others may want to play at a more competitive level and pursue consistent growth in the game. Whatever the student’s desires it is my goal to follow up and help them succeed.